Are you an athlete struggling to find balance? Has racing and training lost its magic? I know the feeling.  All too often we get consumed in a whirlwind romance with a hobby sport.  We improve (a beginner has no where to go but up!) and then plateau... so we push, and try harder.  We succeed! We test, tweak,  and try again, but sometimes we break, and sometimes the flames of passion blow out.  We're left wondering if that passionate drive will ever return.


 If you're an athlete, or  closet-athlete ( you know who you are) who's struggling to re-kindle that magic with your sport... I can help.  It happened to me too, more than once in fact.  Burnout and fatigue are  running rampant in athletics.  The constant push and pull of being an athlete, but also everything else in your life takes a toll. Too often it's the activities we find joy in that get shelved.  No more!

My goal is to help other amateur athletes strike the balance between a successful athletic life and every day life.  I have created comprehensive, simple plans to get you back on track.  Don't let the science get in your way.  With a coach to sort out the good from the nonsense you'll find you've got more time for the activity you love, and the friends and family who might've been neglected for a heavy ( and probably ineffective) training plan in the past.   


Who needs a coach?  


You do! But me too.  I've got mentors and coaches on my side, and the communal value I find in these relationships has brought joy and productivity to every aspect of my life.  

Rogue Primal programs use a combination of lifestyle, food and stress reduction in a way that maximizes what you've got, and builds up what you're missing.  Life wasn't  meant to be lived from an armchair - so get up and let's go.   

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