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Did you sleep well?

September 17, 2018

 We're asked this often (or at least I am) and it's become a stock question that we provide a stock answer for.  It's just another piece of small talk.  




We all know how we feel when we get too little sleep.  Foggy, drowsy and slow to respond.  Mythbusters confirmed that driving tired was as bad or worst than drunk driving.  Yikes.  Now I'll bet that unless you're a professional driver, you're (hopefully) not finding yourself behind the wheel too often while sleep deprived.  What about the other tasks you need to complete every day?  

NCBI reports that "Epidemiological evidence supports a link between sleep loss and obesity" which at this point, is well known that sleep disruption/deprivation can impact hormone production by driving cortisol levels up.  NCBI also reports that while all three cortex's had reduced activity, that "food desire progressively increased".  Even worse is that the foods desired were of the "high-caloric" variety.  Hmmm and what might those foods be?   While I wish the study would have studied what macros were being preferred, it's not hard to guess what the choices were. 


 Now, I don't know about you, but I'm no picnic when I'm deprived of anything and I don't make the right food choices.   It's an interesting article, and for those of us who don't get enough sleep  it's just one more reason to prioritize something we spend a third of our life doing.


That's right - we spend a third of our life sleeping - we really might pay as much attention to it as we do careers or life partners!


How is your sleep/lack of sleep impacting your days?  Your work?  Family life?  Relationship with yourself?

Look for my next blog post on ways to optimize your time in bed!


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