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Crowd Cow

September 18, 2018

Ok.  If you're anything like me you love online shopping.  The convenience, time saving, and sometimes even money savings.  The ability to source responsible ingredients is a big portion of living primally.  

In an edition of Paleo Magazine was a Craft Beef article about a business called Crowd Cow.  While it is getting a lot easier to find quality beef/pork/poultry in the store, it's not always convent to get to the store, or find precisely what you want.  Enter Crowd Cow.  Founders Ethan & Joe decided it needed to be easier.



 Many are familiar with the concept of buying into a cow.  What if they could make it easier.  Maybe not all of us have the space for half of a cow, or the know how to use it.  Something I think is really great about Crowd Cow is that you can choose what you want.  Do you have a favorite cut?  Order that.  Want to sample a bit of everything ( I did!)?  You can do that too.  

The carnivore diet is growing in popularity, and Crowd Cow is a fantastic way to source your meat.  The work's already done for you!  You don't have to network with a butcher - if you're lucky enough to have one!  Visit the site, learn about the farm, the folks and the food all from the comfort of your mobile or desktop computer.  

Here is how I processed this...

 Emily reads article, gets excited.  

Tells Alex.  Alex is busy.

 Emily tells Randall, Randall has doubts.  

Emily googles all over the Crowd Cow website.  

Emily knows she's going to order.  

Pretends to do more research, calls Mom to ask option, but already knows.  (hahahah).  

 Ok, back to Crowd Cow.  Orders an introductory beef pack.  
Sees they also have local heritage pork.  
Bawks at price - then realizes she's never been able to source heritage pork before....  Sold
Orders pork.

Gets email, then adds more to order, bacon, sausages, beef heart oh my! :D
waits, and waits and waits eagerly while receiving wonderful Crowd Cow emails about the status and shipping of order.
Boxes arrive neatly insulated and packed.  Brrrrr.
Happy Emily.  

As you can see I'm totally stoked to be a #steakholder.

Check out my instagram post about my Crowd Cow order here

Do you want to become a #steakholder too?  To get $25 towards your first order follow this link:

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