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Routine & Ritual

September 20, 2018

Welcome to the first of my Thursday installments. I want Rituals & Routine to be a place of looking inward, setting intentions and reflection of daily practices.  



What do I mean by looking inward?  Listening to your intuition.  I chose Thursdays because we're on the cusp of a weekend (if we're lucky enough to have those), but while we're one foot out the door, we've still got one foot on the ground.  It's a great in-between place to consider.

There is something special about that in-between place.  It affords us a moment to consider consequences of our choices  before the energy of the weekend sweeps us off our feet.  Thursday is my day to take a breath before the plunge.  



This Thursday the 20th sit down with your thoughts.  Bringing a journal and pen might be helpful.  Here is a secret: when I don't come up with a loose idea of my weekend desires - they don't happen.  It doesn't have to take long.  Maybe just start by free writing, whatever comes to mind.  Don't be embarrassed, you can burn or shred the paper if you choose to.  Perhaps pick a poem, song title, phrase, anything that gets your pen going and just go.  

When I let my mind wander and get it out on paper, I feel lighter. My scribbles don't always have any solutions, but sometimes I find profound little tid-bits.  

I got tired of time slipping away from me.  That's time I can't ever have back.  To get over this I created Routine & Rituals in hopes that you can make the most of your time too.  

I love tarot cards, or inspiration cards.  Whatever you choose to call them, I love to pull a card from a deck and chew on the meaning.  Today from Gabrielle Bernsteins 'The Universe Has Your Back' 52 card deck I pulled "When I focus on my inner light I see the world through the lease of love".  

Take from that what you choose.

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