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Routine & Ritual

October 4, 2018

Welcome to your Thursday woo-woo.  This week has been a lot.  For many of you 'a lot' might even be an understatement.  This may have been one of the most heart wrenching times you can remember.  I hope not, but I understand the need to fight or flee.  


It brings me to a topic I'd like to consider for this week.  The courage to stand your ground vs the courage to walk away.  They are both hard, and often our predicaments don't have any good, easy comfortable escape.  No matter the route the journey is awful.  

In times of difficulty we often choose to do what WE feel is right for ourselves.  We're told this is what we should do.... but when the angry masses say we should feel like standing and fighting - but we don't feel that way... it feels alienating.  It is confusing and frightening too.  

Lately there is a lot of 'me too' going around.  It's been a dangerous century for women ( understatement), and now it is also a dangerous time to be a man.  Tables have turned and for a change some men feel threatened.  Personally, I don't want anyone feeling threatened, or living in fear of false accusations.  In reality... the threat of a false accusation was already always there.  Are men afraid of the power ( for better or worse) women are discovering they have.  Are men afraid women might wield this power the same manner they have been doing? 

I don't have a good answer, I doubt there is a 'good' one anyways.  We've all got histories, trauma, joys and fears.  The story we tell ourselves of who we are every day can change.  Right now is a good time to read the book "Women who Run With Wolves'. It's always a good time to read, or re-read that book.  


Take some time to consider moments of your life where you felt the need to flee or fight.  Don't justify or consider feeling that way now.  This is an observation.  An observation of the stories going on in your life that persuaded you to act one way or another.  Did you fight, did you flee? Perhaps a combo of both? What motivated those emotions?

I pulled a card today and it says


"My capacity to tune into the energy of love gives me the words I need them I'm ready to speak up, the compassion I need when its time to forgive, and the power I need when I am lost."


Think about how you are feeling lately with this media circus, social media bombardment and what you can do to shelter yourself in the storm.  Perhaps it's making yourself a safe space, or maybe it's a suit of armor.  Only you will know for sure.


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