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Primal Date Ideas

October 5, 2018

  Going primal or paleo can be a really big deal if you are in a relationship.  It requires a lot of changes.  Sometimes the resistance causes struggles between couples.  I get it - change is scary.  


But it doesn't have to be SO scary.  Here are some ideas to introduce your partner to some great primal dates.  Don't make a big deal of it, and no one else will either.  You don't have to mention that the date is 'primal'.  In fact... don't worry about it being 100% primal.  Enjoy these things and share some time with your sweetie.

Visit a park. The europeans are big into this.  While studying abroad I noticed a huge attendance to public parks, blankets and folks sprawled everywhere.  Plenty of PDA.  Why?  It was summer, and many of the homes in Europe are small and with out modern cooling systems.  To escape the heat they head to the park.  Plenty of shade and fresh air.  So grab your picnic basket (packed with primal goodies of course), blanket, and hit the park.   Not into public cuddles or people watching?  That's OK, bring a deck of cards, crossword puzzle or some books to read and discuss.  



Visit a gallery. Is there a new art installation around? Wether it be jewelry, painting, chalk art, sculpture, pottery... the world is full of creativity.  Check your local colleges, universities, and other local resources to seek out beautiful things.     

Take a class.  Allow yourselves to be students again.  Find a class on something neither of you are proficient at and try it.  Ball room dancing, ballet, cooking, salsa dancing, yoga, painting,  pottery or lapidary work.  Take it easy and learn something, remember - this is supposed to be fun!  Don't take yourselves too seriously  (No ones grading you here).




Get Your hands dirty. Into gardening, but don't have time for one at home?  Many community gardens will grade a couple food goods for a couple hours of volunteer work.  Get to your community garden with your sweetie, volunteer.  Score a couple goodies and prepare a meal together.




Prepare a meal. You can make this a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly thing.  Invite friends too!  Prepare and share a  meal together.  Bonus points: choose a theme for the meal and invite friends for a dinner party.  Theme ideas: southern, african, mexican, italian, strange foods, seafood, french, whatever country you want, there are hundreds to choose from!  Explore the world through food together. This can be a tricky one to navigate, make sure to elaborate that it should be primal... but don't get too hung up on this one.  The time spent with lovers and friends is important for our communal well being.  Don't sweat it if someone brings a non-primal dish.  When planning, be up front and honest with your guests about ingredients you cannot have if you have reactions/allergies to them.  



Game night. A great follow up to sharing a meal with friends.  Host a game night!  Ask guests to bring finger foods and then have a selection of games to choose from.  If you don't own games there are plenty of games online, some libraries have games to check out, or see your local game store about a game rental.  Consider the length of the game and pick a time/day when you'll have enough time to relax and play. 




Go Hiking or trail running.  Find some trails near by, or if your more adventurous find a camping spot and take your love on a walk, hike or jog  Not familiar with anywhere in your area? is a good resource for finding trails nearby. Don't forget your water!


Try a new sport. Never played frisbee before? Maybe you'd like to try a game of croquette? Slacklining maybe? There are plenty of places you can find used or cheap sports equipment from.  Consider borrowing from a friend. Get competitive & flirty!  Raise the stakes with a friendly wager of a massage to the victor. 

There you have it.  These are just a few primal examples of ways to take your partner on a date.  Remember, if you don't make a big deal of it, many times - no one else will either. Find ways to take care of each other.  Don't have a partner?  You can find friends to do these activities with. is a wonderful resource for activities, interests and  happenings in your area! Get out there, be social - and don't over think it.  





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