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Routine & Ritual

October 25, 2018

Has this week been intense for you too? It's been a deep dive for me.   A lot of peeling layers and self discovery.  A lot of re-considerations too.  

I'd like to address grief here.  If you've ever lost someone or something you'll know what I mean here. Sometimes we grieve and sometimes we don't, or maybe we think we should - but can't or just simply don't in the way we expect. 


I find a lot of judgment around grief.  About the way we "should" experience it.  The postpartum movement has done a lot in the way of exposing how traumatic experiences ( birth is traumatic - good things can still be traumatic)  can impact us for months and possibly years.  It's not only death that cracks us wide open, but birth too.  

This season is a time of letting go.  How can we give ourselves some grace and let-go of the things we've picked back up along the way.  I say 'picked back-up' because face it - we all  think we've 'let it go' only to find ourselves chewing on it spiritually/emotionally again.  That is the cycle.  



The seasonal change brings a lot of introspection, we tend to want to cozy up and think of the things or folks we grieve for.  We've picked up all those beautiful fallen leaves of our past, and we must learn to toss them up into the air, and let go once again.

It can be painful, but also healing.  It is likely that you will cycle through this many times, or maybe you won't.  No grieving  technique  is right for everyone.  You must do the work  yourself, and for yourself - after all....  grieving is for the living.  

After some meditation and shuffling of cards, two cards jumped out literally at me by falling out! The cards are from  Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle Cards .


The cards who revealed themselves to me are Solus with Iris of the Rainbows ups-down and beneath.  Solus  represents spiritual empowerment and consciousness.  The book guide suggests that something new is headed our way with the help of the otherworld.  How apt, right?  
The second card who chose me today was a reversed Iris of the Rainbows, which suggests hope and promise of the future.  The suggestion is that there is hope for the future but it might be obscured or delayed.  We must pass our trials, all while remembering aspirations as we travel through the darkness.  We must grow or diminish; these are our only choices.  And yes - you can choose both.  

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