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Harvest Hash

November 14, 2018

Is there no meal breakfast can't replace?  I think not.  This is a simple recipe I've put together many mornings or evenings.  I'll let you decide the quantity ingredients based off of how many folks/ appetite.





Sweet potato, diced

Brussels sprouts, shredded

Apple, diced*

Pre-cooked sausage, cut into bite-sized rounds**

Yellow onion, diced

Avocado oil/Bacon fat/Butter***

Salt & pepper


*Avoid green apples for this recipe.

** Teton Waters Ranch and Aidelle's are my favorites.  But if you've got something different - use it! 



In cast iron skillet heat  a splash of avocado oil (2 T approx).  


Mean while, cube your sweet potato into dice sized pieces.  Do not add  until oil is hot in your skillet.  If you add the sweet potato too early it  will absorb oil and become mushy instead of browning.  If you are not using a pre-cooked sausage, cook your substitute separately, or before adding the sweet potato.  


While the sweet potato cooks, chop and toss in the onion, add the shredded brussels sprouts. Stir. 


Cut your sausages into bite sized rounds and add to skillet.  You can cut them thicker or thinner, as the sausage is pre-cooked we are just trying to heat it. 


 Sprinkle and stir in some salt and pepper.  Add some bacon fat (remember, this is just for flavor - go easy)


, let it melt and stir again.


Add in diced apple, put a lid on for a couple minutes to heat the apples to the texture you prefer.  


Remove from heat. Don't forget to turn it off, serve.



Skip the sausage and throw a fried egg on top.  OR add breakfast sausage, OR, both! You can never have too many eggs ;)


Don't like sweet potato?  Sub with squash, butternut and acorn squashes  work particularly well in this recipe.  


Looking to save time? You can chop ahead and store this in the fridge and just toss into a hot pan!  It's a great camping recipe or tin foil meal too.





DISCLAIMER: This is not an advertisement for either sausage company.  While it would be cool (hint hint), I do not make any commission for recommending or mentioning their brands.  I DO make a small commission off of any Primal Kitchen products you purchase through my affiliate link, so that's neat.  




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