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Holiday Choices

November 20, 2018


Holidays don't have to be hard.  That being said - I get it.  We don't get to pick our families.  Sometimes they are too nosy for their own good, or more importantly - YOUR good.  Here's a tip I wanted to share that I learned from Melissa Hartwig of The Whole 30 and Food Freedom.  
 ( I highly suggest reading this one btw!)

Use the phrase "right now" when answering questions.  This short phrase shuts down all but the nosiest of folks asking why you not "fillintheblankhere".  Here's an example... 


Aunt Matilda: "Honey, why don't you grab a roll for yourself?"
Me: "Thanks Aunt Matilda, I don't feel like eating a roll right now."



Co-workers:  " Let's go out for happy-hour after work tonight"
Me: " Oh that sounds fun but I don't feel like drinking right now"


 Now this one is tricky, because what if they follow it up with "but you don't have to drink!".  It's true - you don't have to... and if the atmosphere and company is something you are craving - great!  Go to happy hour... but if you're trying to avoid drinking (followed by poor eating decisions, let's be honest here) maybe skip it and follow that up with a positive, like...


Co-workers: "Let's go out for happy-hour after work tonight"

Me: "That sounds fun, but I really feel like tonight is a book and bath night"  and then maybe lean into this one and describe a book you're into. 

Or... You can simply say "No thanks".  

Really.  You don't have to justify any  of the choices you make.  I'll repeat that.

You don't have to justify any of the choices you make.  

That means you don't have to run your ideas past girlfriends, co-workers, parents or anyone.  You really do have the power to make choices for yourself, by yourself.  

Try it.  Ask for help from an impartial coach when you need it, but you've got this.  And for when you don't.... throw in  "right now" tacked on.   


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